Nihonryori Ken

+49 69 9769 4660

Wallstrasse 22

60594 Frankfurt am Main


Kaiseki at Nihonryori Ken
A Japanese lifestyle in the heart of Frankfurt
Welcome. Thank you so much for your interest. Nihonryori KEN Frankfurt stands for Japanese haute cuisine. We are one of the first restaurants in Europe where you can experience the traditional concept of Kaiseki up close and for an evening as a special guest, together with your friends, colleagues or business partners.
Step closer and discover a culinary Japan that you have definitely never tasted, felt and enjoyed in Frankfurt in this way before.
Have you ever been to Japan and still long for the local understanding of hospitality in upscale establishments? Or would you like to travel to Japan one day but lack the opportunity?
In both cases we have good news for you. Because finally, there is a restaurant in Frankfurt where you will be served according to the over three hundred year old principles of Kaiseki: The Nihonryori KEN. A little piece of the culinary Japan – in the middle of the Main metropolis.

Our self-commitment
Authenticity and quality
Our commitment to absolute authenticity lies at the heart of the concept of our restaurant. We don’t make a point of fobbing you off with kitschy backdrops and pompous exaggerations along the lines of Western notions of the Japanese way of life.
We would much rather like to invite you to get to know the real Japanese culture of hospitality, the real Japanese haute cuisine: the Kaiseki that appeals to all the senses and creates cheerful communities out of the most diverse groups.
In order to be able to fulfil this claim, we have imposed two voluntary commitments on ourselves.
We use many original ingredients of excellent quality imported from Japan.
We strictly adhere to the Japanese traditions of Kaiseki in all our preparation.
Would you like an example? Our rice is cooked in Japanese clay pots over a flame. Because that’s the only way you can enjoy the real, traditional Japanese rice.
Here is another example: Our homemade dashi fish stock, which we make ourselves on the basis of years of experience as chefs.Traditional
Japanese Hospitality
We also pay special attention to the selection of our crew.
At Nihonryori KEN Frankfurt, only first-class trained professionals work for your well-being. Helpful and friendly people who are happy to make your unadulterated enjoyment their business and have internalised the maxims of Omotenashi – the artful Japanese way of hospitality.
This means for you as a guest: You are not just a random person on a chair whom we serve according to a predefined grid. In our eyes, you count as an individual. We are not interested in merely providing for you, we want you to be completely satisfied.
We want to take care of you holistically and fulfil your wishes before you even ask for them.